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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Let it rain .. Erotic prose poem

The morning sky was very bright and filled with the color hue of light blue
Scattered white clouds that looked cotton soft to the touch, slowly floated across the light blue sky
Song birds stood out on the edge of tree branches and song happily in the warm rays of the morning sun
Filling the air with their songs of peace, happiness and love
But in the shadow of our bedroom, a storm started to brew


Suddenly thighs thundered
Bodies shook
Minds dwelled on the infinite
While it rained love and liquids of lustful passion pompously from the center of our cores....


The first two images wre confiscated from  
which gave me the idea of this poem... Plase give his erotic blog a visit....



  1. Best

  2. My dear friend.... outstanding poem..even in a different format.
    It´s delicious to come here and pick up words of luxury....
    Outstandnig words!!!
    Feel free to "confiscate" my images.... they are not mine!!!

  3. Mmmmmmmmmmmm coisinhas tão fofinhas :)))

    Espero-te no meu ninho :))
    Beijinhos molhados

  4. Sexy and inspiring, I especially love that part "Suddenly thighs thundered Bodies shook Minds dwelled on the infinite". Well done!