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Friday, July 16, 2021

Saturday seduction: Faineant

On the sofa, a feminine curvy body laid in deep repose while its mind dreamed of being intimately touched 

The soft-touch touched the nape of her neck.

It progressed down to the soft curvatures of her egg shape breast.

Then wandered down then around the wide curves of thick hips to her right inner thighs smooth, firm flesh.

The touch lingers on the center of her white cloth panties, then ease under its elastic edge, and gingerly reached up and touch the top of her soft vulva lips.

A soft sigh releases from her lungs as it slowly circles on her womb opening. Enticing its lips to swell to plumpness, its center to become moist in anticipation.

Abruptly her eyes open and focus on the figure smiling while reaching over the back of the sofa.

He walks around the sofa and sits next to her.

His hand reached under her skirt and playfully pulled the white cloth panties down to the center of her thighs.

Gently he turned her over onto her stomach and explicitly whispered into her ear. 

"I'm going to ride you hard, long, and profound."

Before she could mustard up a response to his sexual expressive words, a deep groan released from her throat as his unyielding staff penetrated deep inside the soft womb of the woman of his dreams. 



  1. Una escena donde ambos están predispuestos a pasar una tarde de lujuria y sexo ..a como de lugar. Un saludo.
    Feliz sábado.

    1. Buen viejo sexo espontáneo ...

      Que tengas una buena semana

  2. His heart leaped up for joy and she was paralyzed with excitement!

    1. And the love flowed... Thanks for the comment...

      Keep safe

  3. Un texto seductor con mucha intensidad sexual, natural entre dos seres que acuerdan sobre el amor y el placer.
    Bravo!!!! Espero que esten bien!!! Bella noche de paz y amor.