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Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Full bloom - Prose poem

With your eyes gazing into mine, my eyes watched a single tear trace down the soft flesh of your cheek.

My heart felt crushed because I thought I had done something to upset you.

Urgently you walked up to me and say thank you, then jumped up on your tip-toes and deeply embrace your lips against mine.

As I held you in my arms still watching the tear clinging to your cheek, I asked, thank you for what?

Your reply, for always loving me regardless of what we go through.

Before I could reply, you wiped a tear that was tracking down my cheek.


(We should always be grateful for the person God has chosen us to love)



  1. Buenas noches y bellas palabras. feliz noche.

    1. Gracias y tenga un gran fin de semana,

      Un beso